Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire
Thankyou for showing an interest in becoming an owner of a Masajack Jack Russell Terrier. Our dogs are, first and foremost, much loved pets and any puppies we produce are looked upon as members of our family for their entire lives, regardless of whether they stay with us or go to new homes. As such, we look to match our puppies to the best possible owners in order to ensure a long and happy partnership for both puppy and owner. This questionnaire enables us to gauge what you are looking for in a puppy, and therefore assist you in choosing the best puppy for your lifestyle. Please take the time to fill in and return the form to be kept on the waiting list. If we do not receive a completed form we will be unable to consider you for a puppy when they are available.

Please note, our waiting list is always very long and it is, therefore, unfortunately unlikely that you will be in line for a puppy from our next litter.
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Name *
Home Address *
Contact Number *
Email Address *
Who will be the main carer of the puppy? *
Are the main carers for the puppy over 25 years of age? *
Names and ages of additional people in your household: *
What is the occupation of the adults in your household? *
If all adults work in the household, what hours would the puppy be unattended at home? *
Do you currently have any other pets (inc. dogs) in your household? If so, what are they (breed, age, gender and whether they are spayed/neutered)? *
Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter/rescue or re-homed? If so, why? *
Have you ever been banned from keeping animals (or involved with anyone who has) because of neglect? *
If you don't currently have a dog, have you owned dogs in the past? If so, what breed? *
If you have not owned a Jack Russell Terrier before Do you have any direct experience of Jack Russell Terriers? What research have you done to know that a Jack Russell Terrier is the breed for your family? *
Did you consider any other breed? If so, what breed(s)? *
What type of property do you live in? *
Do you: *
If you rent your home, do you have written permission to have a dog from the landlord? *
Does your home have a secure (fenced, walled) garden? *
How big is your garden? *
Can you please tell us about your lifestyle i.e. activities, hobbies, how active are you and your family as a whole? *
Do you have a gender preference? *
What purpose will your puppy have (tick all that apply)? *
Do you have a coat type preference (tick all that apply)? *
Do you have a colour preference (tick all that apply)? *
Where will the puppy live? *
Whether inside or outside, where will the dog sleep overnight? *
What are your plans for the puppy when you go on holidays or if you have an emergency? *
Are you on anyone else's waiting list for a JRT puppy? *
Do you agree that our pups are sold endorsed (restricted) for breeding and export purposes (details will be provided in the Contract of Sale)? *
Do you agree that if your circumstances change and you can no longer have or care for your new puppy that he/she should be returned to us in all circumstances so that we can ensure a suitable home is found? *
Are you happy to sign a contract that within the contract it states, if we are made aware that you are mistreating, abusing or neglecting your new family member that we have the right to remove the puppy/dog from your care? The puppy sale contracts are legally binding within a court setting and are signed by both parties. *
Do you have someone willing to give a reference if required (i.e. vet)? *
Do you have any further information that you would like to provide us that you feel we should know about you, your family and the type of home life you are offering?
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