NASEF High School Shoutcasting Signups Fall 2020
Are you interested in learning how to shoutcast and/or improving your shoutcasting skills? Do you want to help cast this season's NASEF Overwatch matches? NASEF is looking for individuals with an interest in shoutcasting and a passion for the game! No prior experience is necessary!

All shoutcasters are responsible for the following:
1) Completing an on-boarding process
2) Communicate with the shoutcasting team
3) Be available for Wednesday NASEF matches (At least one of: 12:00PM - 2:00PM, or 2:30PM - 4:30PM, PST)
4) Can capture audio via Discord and OBS

We will be notifying all sign-ups via email or Discord as we approach the start of the season. For more information on our Overwatch season and important dates, check out the tournament landing page here:

You MUST be an activated student in a NASEF Club and join our community discord to be a shoutcaster!
Join here:

For more information about the High School Shoutcasting Program
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