TCS Lifetime Membership Form
The Crypto School is open! The lifetime membership costs only $150 and must be paid with TCS Token. At the moment our group is running with Telegram. A brand new platform is scheduled to be launched in Q2 2020. By joining The Crypto School you will receive:

-> Constant BTC TA updates
-> Altcoins TA updates
-> Market moving updates
-> Important Market news
-> TA Study Materials
-> Mindset Study Materials
-> Tips to improve your trading systems
-> First hand Fundamental analysis from the Gem Hunter Contests
-> We don´t provide "calls"

Also you will have the right to sponsor new members and earn $50 in TCS for each new member that uses your Telegram ID as referral. Sponsoring only 3 friends you can recover your investment.

There´s a bounty program running during Q4 2019 -> learn more at Bounty session on our website.

Q. How many TCS do I need to pay the fee?
A. The quotation changes everyday but the value is fixed in $150. You will receive all instructions

Q. Where can I buy TCS?
A. At any listed echange. We recommend use due no fees.

Q. What is the processing time of my request?
A. Until 24h after you send the TX ID.

Q. What do I need to receive commissions?
A. After your request is processed we will ask for your TCS Wallet. By this time everytime a new member join the program using your TG ID you will receive 30% of TCS paid by them.

Q. Can I earn commissions from a person that doesn´t have a sponsor?
A. Yes, by having 1000TCS in your wallet you are eligible for bi-weekly airdrop.

.Any doubts just talk with our admins at
Our Admins will never PM you first and will never ask for money. Stay alert for scammers.
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Which exchange is better for you to buy TCS? (we don´t recommend Vindax due high Withdrawals qty) *
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