Edbox Survey in 3 Minutes
Integrated with knowledge from various subjects on how to best design games, Edbox and Edbox coursewares let students build their own game in a non-coding way through critical thinking, enhancing creativity and fostering collaboration in next gen classroom. Here we would like to know your opinion about Edbox in around 3 minutes. We promise to keep all the information that you provided confidential and never shared with any third-party organization. Thanks for your attendance.
Here are some websites to know more about Edbox:
Edbox Courseware: https://edbox.101.com/edu/gamecourse/
Edbox Game Creation Studio: https://studio.edbox.101.com
Edbox Introduction Video
1 Please use no more than 5 words to describe your first impression for Edbox courseware. *
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2 How practical do you think Edbox coursewares are? *
Not practical at all
Very practical
3 How are Edbox coursewares rich enough in contents? *
Not at all
4 How are Edbox course periods allocated? *
Very unsatisfying
Very satisfying
5 How well is knowledge integrated into Edbox courseware? *
Very reasonable
6 On average, which grade of students do you think are suitable for these course? *
7 What else game could be added into Edbox? *
Mini-games you think are attractive, games you've seen people playing a lot, etc.
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8 Which part of Edbox do you think is unsatisfying? *
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