RC Vision 2025
The overarching mission and vision of Raymond Central Public Schools is our commitment to providing a positive, challenging learning environment which prepares each individual student to be a responsible citizen in an ever-changing society.

What if the job our students aspire to today is no longer an option when it comes to graduate? How can we train students for jobs that don’t exist yet? Ten years ago a social media manager or mobile app developer would have seemed like imaginary job titles. With our pace of life, the World Economic Forum estimates 65% of our children today will end up in careers that don’t even exist yet. The overarching question is how do we prepare students for a future job market we can’t predict?

Vision 2025 defines what Raymond Central believes education needs to be for every student. It is not only a plan, but a call to action. This is what we must and need to do for the future of our students, families, and the entire Raymond Central community.

Please provide your honest feedback in regards to the three questions below. Thank you for your time and thoughts as we begin the visioning process for our school district!

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In regards to what you see different, what do you believe are two action solutions and whats the school and personnel role in the solution? *
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What skills do you want our kids to graduate Raymond Central with as a foundation to their future? *
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