Acoustic Artists for Small Business Shows
Peoria Music Live is working on offering to plan live music events for small businesses in the Peoria Area. These are typically inside small stores or on the walkway just outside the store and last 2-3 hours.

We will take care of hiring the musicians, advertising the event through PML, and we'll see what else as time goes along. Right now, I need to know who is interested!

More details, including pay and sound set up will be put together and emailed in the coming weeks. Your answers will help me with this. I will contact everyone who replies when I have more information.

Your answers will not be shared with anyone outside of Peoria Music Live.

Once we receive this info, we'll request more via another form via email

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Name of Artist or Duo *
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Facebook Page and/or Website Address *
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Contact Name *
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Mailing Address *
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Phone Number (Don't worry, I hate talking on the phone! And I won't share your number. But I'd like to have these in case something comes up short notice and I need to call or text.) *
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Sound Set Up *
There are positives and negatives to Peoria Music Live providing sound equipment. The biggest one being, I don't have any yet. At these events, a small amp may be all that is needed. As it stands now, sound set-up will be up to the individual artist. Are you able to provide your own sound?
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Area Set Up *
This may be in a corner of a small shop or just outside, on a sidewalk. What is the minimum number of square feet you need to play comfortably?
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Feel free to leave any comments, concerns, or questions you have here.
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Liability *
Artists will be responsible for insuring their props and instruments remain safe and free of damage. Artists will not hold Peoria Music Live or the business who has contracted them responsible for any injury to any of the Artist’s representatives, agents, employees and property. I agree to protect my property and will not hold any entity that is a part of this event responsible for possible damages.‎
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