School Registration Form 2019-20
This form is for teachers who wish to run Puzzle of the Week at their school for the next academic year. The competition will begin in late September 2019 and you will receive further information before the start date.
What is the name of your school? *
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Use of Data and Privacy
The name of your school and their performance in the competition may appear publicly on the website on the online leaderboards. The registered teacher's name and email address are never made public.

Your email address will be used to send you puzzle updates, results, and for general Puzzle of the Week communication. You will not receive any third party promotions or communication.

Puzzle of the Week will not share any data the submitted in this form to any third party at any point other than the way specified above.

You and your school will never share any student data of any kind with Puzzle of the Week. Students submit their data themselves and offer consent for it to be shared with you, the registered teacher of your school.

All data are stored securely online using Google Drive. If you have any questions or wish to know more about the data that are held about you or your students by Puzzle of the Week then please please visit
Do you consent to Puzzle of the Week using your data as specified above? *
If you are not able to offer consent then I am afraid that Puzzle of the Week cannot register your school for the competition. Students will need to give their own individual consent when submitting each of their answers.
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