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1. Our memberships begin on the first Monday of every month.

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3. All prices are on our online shop.

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5. Our shares are one month long and so every month you will need to order again. Don't worry we will send a little reminder.

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What is a CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between the Members and the Farmers. At the core of CSA is the idea that members support their farmer by sharing in the inherent risks of agriculture (poor weather, drought, disease, crop failure etc) and the rewards (the bounty from a good season). Therefore, while Kokkoya Organics will act in good faith to provide fresh organic produce, there is no guarantee of quantities or contents of the weekly shares (Veggie Boxes).
We also work with other small scale organic producers across the country to bring you diversity and support them with a reliable market for organic vegetables.
Our Practices
Our farm’s organic practices and standards are certified by you, our customers! You are invited to visit our urban farms and query our farmers on our growing techniques and philosophies at any stage during your CSA season. We belief in safe, healthy food and growing in balance with nature. We give back to the soil and community and are happy to share our knowledge with others.
Your Responsibilities
We are more than just a vegetable box service! We are your farmers and by joining our CSA, you join a community!

We have a member-only Facebook group, where we post what is in each weeks bag, any updates from the farm, vegetable specials, events, pet updates and recipes. We encourage members to share what they are cooking or any questions/ideas they have.

Members are also welcome to visit the farm. Saturdays are the best day (Sunday is usually a day off for us). Just send your farmers a message and we will look forward to showing you where your vegetables are growing! We also occasionally host events and its a great way to further get to know your farmers, the community and support us.

One of the great things about joining a CSA is that you can actually talk to your farmer and see where your food comes from! We love to hear from you too, we are still testing a variety of crops and methods and our customer feedback really impacts what we grow and bring to the CSA in the future.

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