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Are there any interesting, quirky, catchy sayings, quotes or anecdotes that encapsulate you, your culture, your service or that simply resonate with you (Don't overthink it)? *
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Briefly describe why your service works *
Briefly describe what makes you/your business different? *
Briefly describe the core problems or pain points your product or service addresses. *
Briefly describe the features/services you provide. Dot points are fine. *
Do you have a page with testimonials, results, past clients? Include URL. If not, can you provide 2-3 quick examples of results provided in the past. eg. I helped a COMPANY achieve a X% increase in Sales. If you can't think of anything please just put NA. *
Can you list 3-10 of the more reputable brands or impressive types of clients you have helped in the past? If you can't add anything here please just put NA. *
Briefly provide some details on your background and passions in life. *
What is the first step you want your prospects to take after viewing your profile/website? Download a resource, book a strategy call, catch up for a coffee? *
Select any/all the industries you can/wish to target. The industries shown below are very broad so if your target market doesn't show or we need to go more in-depth then select - "Discuss on call" *
List all the possible positions of the decision makers we will want to target (eg. CEO, CFO, GM). Don't overthink it, just your best guess. *
What is your service area (by location)? Local, National, International? *
What size companies are you looking to target (head count or revenue)? *
If applicable, what department does your ideal client work in (eg. IT, HR, Finance) *
Do you have any resources (Case studies, videos, Guides, Templates etc.) that you could share with your target market? If possible provide some information and/or a link below. *
Can you mention 1-3 main competitors of yours? Include websites if possible. *
Are there any companies that you would like to exclude that could be in your target market (For example, existing clients or deals in the pipeline)?
Do you have a 30 minute booking link (like calendly.com) we can use to assist with booking meetings? If so, please include below. If you need help setting this up we can show you on our call.
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