KS3 Student School Feedback
Hello again....could you please take 5 minutes to give us some feedback with how you have been getting on at home? We are sorry not to see you all back at school but hope you are managing to get some work done at home and are managing ok with the lockdown. Fingers crossed things are heading back towards normality. In the meantime, your answers here will help us do the best we can to support you. The deadline for this is June 4th. A reminder this is just for KEY STAGE 3.
What is your name? (forename then surname please) *
What form are you in? *
Do you feel you are managing ok at home with the work you are being set? *
On a scale of 1 to 5, how much work are you getting? (1 = not enough, 3 = just about right, 5 = too much) *
Not enough work
Too much work
Tell us about the feedback you are getting from your teachers for the work you have submitted *
Would you like to have another week of 'themed' learning activities (a bit like the work set for VE day)? *
Do you feel you are managing other things at home ok? Do you feel you need any extra help or advice? *
How have you found the use of Google Meet with your tutors? *
What types of activity have your teachers been setting you during school closure? (check all that apply) *
Do you feel confident in the use of Google (using Google Classroom, receiving work, submitting work, etc) *
If we did one thing differently, what would you suggest we did?
Having this much time away from school isn't something that's happened before, so if you have an ideas on how we can make it easier/more interesting/more useful please let us know?
What is going well?
Is there anything you think we're doing right? Is there anything we should keep doing? Your teachers, form tutors, and Head of Year are trying out lots of different ways to teach you and stay in touch - is there anything you like that we should keep doing?
Do you have any questions that we can try to answer?
We may not have all the answers right now, but if you have a question about working from home, school work, exams, activities or anything else, please let us know and we'll put together a Q&A sheet.
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