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Six Qualities of a Relevant History Experience
1. Review the one-page draft “Qualities of a relevant history experience” and reflect on your work creating relevant history experiences: Which of these six qualities currently fit your idea of relevant work (check all that apply).
2. What qualities do you think are important to relevant historical work that are not included in the list above? What would you add?
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3. What qualities do you think are NOT vitally important to relevant historical work? A program/project/lecture can be relevant if this quality was missing. (Check all that apply).
4. Explain your thinking to #3 above.
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5. In reviewing the text in the document “Qualities of a relevant history experience,” are there any key words or phrases that could be easily misinterpreted or exclusionary? How could we clarify or rephrase to help ensure a document that not only guides relevance, but models inclusion as well.
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6. Your background (check all that apply)
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