BCM Community Survey (Fall 2020)
Happy start of school!! As we begin this year, whether you are taking classes or not or you're an upperclassman or new freshman, this form is a chance to learn where people are at and their availability for this quarter. Looking forward to building a community of belonging & faith together!
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What year are you?
Where are you spending this fall + what is your mailing address?
What are you doing this fall? (note: you're welcome in our community and to all events regardless of your status with Stanford!)
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Do you want to participate in Bible study this quarter? *
What times are you available for Bible study this quarter? (please check all you can make! Note: "evening" = starting after 6 pm PDT)
What other kinds of events or spaces would you want in BCM this fall? Are there any specific topics or issues you'd like to engage with?
Do you want to help lead in some way this year? (examples below, check all you're interested in)
Comments, questions, or prayer requests?
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