Houston Summer Harp Festival 2021 Scholarship Application

We offer 3 different scholarships. Each scholarship may be awarded only one time to a student. If a student has received a scholarship, they may continue to apply for scholarships they have not received. Scholarship descriptions are listed below.

The CYNTHIA COOPER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is sponsored by the Gulf Coast Harpers Association and covers the Festival Tuition. In order to receive this scholarship, both teacher and student must be current members of Gulf Coast Harpers on May 10th. www.gulfcoastharpers.org
If the Gulf Coast scholarship winner is a Houston area resident, he/she will be invited to perform at one of the Gulf Coast Harp meetings and speak a little about his/her experience. Others winners may be asked to write a report or submit a video about their experience. Students must include this form, a teacher's recommendation letter, and a recording of 2 contrasting pieces to complete their application.

The MOZART SCHOLARSHIPS are funded by community supporters and former camp participants. The amount varies but is no less than $100 towards the Festival Tuition and may be awarded to 2 or more students each year. Students must include this form, a teacher's recommendation letter, and a recording of 2 contrasting pieces to complete their application.

THE OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a harpist (age 14 – 19 as of July 1st), who excels in all facets of a polished performance: tone, technique, expression and poise. The level of difficulty of the repertoire may also be a factor in choosing this recipient. This scholarship is sponsored by Artistic Director Kimberly DeRosa and will cover the tuition amount. Applicants must submit a Scholarship application and a video recording with 3 pieces. Audio recordings will not be accepted. A single movement of a larger work will qualify as one selection. If no applicants meet a standard performance level, the scholarship will not be awarded. This scholarship does not require a teacher’s recommendation or essay.
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Check all that apply. If you are applying for the Cynthia Cooper Memorial Scholarship, please first join the Gulf Coast Harpers Association.
List the titles and composers of your recorded pieces. Two selections for the Cynthia Cooper Memorial and Mozart Scholarships. Three selections for the Outstanding Performance Scholarship.
Student Essay (for Mozart and Cynthia Cooper scholarship only) *
Include in your short essay how you started playing harp, why you like playing the harp, and your musical goals.
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