Early alert system - BEFORE
1) I am a
2) My country is:
3) It is important to attend school regularly
4) Early alert system is needed and necessary
5)Early alert system is going to reduce the number of days students are out of school
6) Early alert system must be fully explained to students.
7) Early alert system should be created with the cooperation of students.
8) Early alert system must be fully explained to parents
9) The attendance policy helps students to participate in class activities.
10) Teachers and parents are interested in the reasons I miss lessons.
11) Importance of attendance is regularly communicated to the student.
12) My school cooperates with parents as far as absenteeism is concerned.
13) The better the quality of teaching, the less the absenteeism.
14) Smaller classes have less absenteeism.
15) Students who miss class frequently have poor grades in a given course.
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