Application for the Achieving Excellence Award
This scholarship is open to all Delta-Beta Chapter undergraduates in good standing who have completed at least one semester as a member of the Chapter.  The aim of the scholarship is to reward a brother who has taken the most action to solve problems and improve both the fraternity and other individuals.  Similar to life, we will all face issues and problems.  The true men are those who can make lemons into lemonade on a consistent basis through positive actions.

Additional guidance:
If you write about operating a fundraiser, then you should write about the outcomes of the events (e.g. how much money was raised?).  If you note that you hold or held a position on the Chapter’s executive council, then you should write about what you are doing (or did) to ensure that the entire chapter prospers and grows.  If you are involved in entrepreneurial work, then please provide the name of the product or service and any web or social media links.
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Prior Achieving Excellence Award Winners
2018 - Vin Matano
2019 - John Denning
2020 - Griffin Shields
2021 - Angelo Crincoli
2022 - Carlos Navarro
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