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This is where you register for the Learn Essay Writing the Fast Way: Foundations 1 (learn 3 paragraph essays in just 5 lessons).

Ms. Valerie is offering this module for free ONLY till April 3. Then the recording will expire. So please commit to complete the 5 lessons as fast as possible (they start on March 23, 2020).

However you found this form, you are welcome to register for this class IF:

1. You will do the homework (details below)
2. You will show up the for class online, or watch the recording
3. You want to get faster and better at writing essays
4. Even if the homework feels easy, you'll do it anyway

Note: This course is probably not as useful to you if essay writing is already easy for you and if you feel confident writing quickly under pressure.

On the other hand, if you stress over writing assignments, find yourself staring at the page not knowing where to start writing, or can't keep up with timed essays or the load of writing homework, then try the FAST WAY method and see if it works for you like it has many others.

Know that this course will cost $300 when it's finished, the printed workbook will cost $50, and Ms.Valerie's time personally would normally cost $500. So getting this $850 class for free is an amazing gift to you. In return she only asks that you do the homework, and that you please ask questions if you find anything confusing or see ways to make the lessons better.

Please answer all the questions below. They are all required.
Thank you!
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I understand that there are only 5 classes and that they are on Zoom, from Monday to Friday (March 23-27), from 12pm-1pm MST. I commit to be there when it's live or watch the recordings before they expire. *
I commit to do the homework every day (it's only one paragraph each time, and a Facebook submittal) so that I learn as much as possible as FAST as possible! *
I will join the Facebook group "Learn Essay Writing with Ms. Valerie," and post my finished homework (or post "DONE with Paragraph #__"). I will cheer on the other people, ask writing questions, and will NOT be critical or rude (or I will be banned). (This is to motivate you to finish the class and provide connection to students experiencing the same. Writing can be very solitary!) LINK: *
I will print off the lesson's materials in advance so that I am ready for class. I promise not to share them outside my immediate family (Ms. Valerie has spent years learning about writing and teaching it, and each workbook page reflects those years of work. Please respect the gift of this free class to you) *
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