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This form asks for information on your current salary (and new job offer if relevant). Please note that *all* information you provide is confidential and you'll be able to let us know what info you are comfortable having shared.

We will begin processing your offer / salary review as soon as we receive your $31 payment. You can pay via Venmo (@jordan-sale) or PayPal (

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More on how it works:

1. Submit the details of your offer or salary in this form (or email your offer letter to

2. We anonymize your data and tap our network of professionals in similar fields to provide feedback on your offer and help you best prep for your negotiation.

3. Receive a customized report within 4 business days. (You'll have the option of following up with any of the professionals who provide input on your offer)

4. Go into your negotiation confident, prepared, and armed with tried and tested strategies!

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