Vicbrew 2019 (14-15 Sep)
Vicbrew Judging and Stewarding registration form
- 14-15 September at Belgian Beer Cafe Eureka, 5 Riverside Quay, Southbank Melbourne
- Evaluate some of the best beer in the state in Australia's biggest homebrewing competition.
- Hone your judging skills by judging alongside highly experienced beer judges.
- Lunch provided for all volunteers; Great range of Belgian beers and craft brews in the Eureka bar.
- Earn BJCP points.
- Questions to
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1. Low Alcohol
2. Pale Lager
3. Amber & Dark Lager
4. Pale Ale
5. American Pale Ale
6. Bitter Ale
7. Brown Ale
8. Porter
9. Stout
10. Strong Stout
11. IPA
12. Specialty IPA
13. Wheat & Rye Ale
14. Sour Ale
15. Belgian Ale
16. Strong Ales & Lagers
17. Fruit/Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
18. Specialty Beer
19. Mead
20. Cider
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