Survey of E-Mentoring in Virginia
To help us better meet the needs of our network of mentoring programs across Virginia, we’re launching a brief survey to learn more about how your program is adapting mentoring to the current environment. After you complete the survey, we will email you an E-Mentoring Program Planning Worksheet with step-by-step guidance on how to launch an E-Mentoring program. Please complete this survey by August 7th.
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Does your mentoring program serve Virginia? *
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Ages served by your mentoring program: *
Is your mentoring program going to be offering any mentoring services this fall?
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If your program is offering e-mentoring this fall, when will your program begin e-mentoring?
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What platform(s) will your program be using for e-mentoring? (check all that apply)
How many mentees do you think your program will have the capacity to serve through e-mentoring this fall?
Do you anticipate serving more or fewer mentees through e-mentoring than you did through your previous program model?
By "previous program model" we are referring to whatever your program's primary model was before the pandemic started.
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What is the minimum number of times per month that you’re requiring matches to communicate virtually?
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Does your program plan to use a content-specific curriculum for e-mentoring?
Examples of "content-specific curriculum" can include STEM, career-readiness, social-emotional, literacy-focus, etc.
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Has your program started recruiting virtual mentors for e-mentoring?
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Is your program planning to train your mentors before they start e-mentoring?
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