Placement test
Test za određivanje znanja engleskog jezika prema CEFR A1-C1 nivoima.
Studio stranih jezika ELA, Sombor
* Test popunjavajte najviše 45 minuta. Na ovaj način se dobija najtačnija procena nivoa Vašeg znanja.

* Na pitanja odgovarajte označavanjem polja ispred tačnog odgovora.

* Za svako pitanje izaberite najtačniji odgovor.

* Kada Vam pitanja postanu preteška prestanite sa popunjavanjem testa.

* Rezultate testa ćemo javiti u najkraćem vremenskom roku.

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1. Cambridge ___ a beautiful city.
2. I’m ___ taxi-driver.
3. My sister ___.
4. John and Tom are ___ friends.
5. This is my boyfriend. ___ French.
6. My teacher’s from Canada, and ___ name’s Lisa.
7. Jane: "Is there a bus stop near here?" Sue: " ___ "
8. Anna ___ in a bank.
9. I can ___ Spanish.
10. Let’s ___ tennis today.
11. What time ___ get up in the morning?
12. ___ is this T-shirt?
13. Mel loves snow but Tom doesn’t ___ it.
14. I ___ to Italy for my holiday last year.
15. Jeff and Nancy ___ to watch a film tonight.
16. I’m ___. I want a sandwich.
17. Hello, ___ I speak to Jane, please?
18. What’s your ___ sport?
19. Joe: "When’s our next lesson?" Steve: "___ Wednesday."
20. Sorry, I haven’t got ___ coffee. Is tea OK?
21. Waiter: "Anything else, sir?" Customer: "___"
22. Jim ___ got a car.
23. What ___ Simon for his birthday?
24. Excuse me. ___ got the time, please?
25. ___ on the internet is easy.
26. There aren’t ___ new houses in that street.
27. London is ___ expensive than New York.
28. What ___ the food like at the party last night?
29. Look! It ___ .
30. Alex loves giving presents. He’s very ___.
31. What’s ___ ? You look upset.
32. I enjoy ___ because I like laughing.
33. Hi George! ___ a good weekend?
34. ___ to go for a pizza this evening?
35. If you want to get fit, you ___ do more sport.
36. Have you ever ___ to Australia?
37. I ___ 18 years old when I started my first job.
38. I didn’t ___ TV last night.
39. My grandfather was born eighty years ___.
40. It was nice to meet you. See you ___ , I hope.
41. I’m ___ sorry, but I can’t come to your party tonight.
42. John ___ his wife in 2004.
43. I’m sure ___ a great time at the party next Saturday.
44. How much time do you ___ doing your English homework?
45. Are you going shopping? ___ with you if you like.
46. Jane is the ___ girl in her class.
47. Excuse me, I ___ if you could show me the way to the train station?
48. In England people usually _ __ hands when they first meet.
49. Hurry up or we’ll ___ our train!
50. I was so ___ yesterday because I fell asleep in class!
51. ___ anything next Friday?
52. Many types of watches ___ in Switzerland.
53. I ___ my driving test last week, so now I’ll have to take it again.
54. Susan: "I’ve got four sisters." Ruth: "___ you?"
55. What would you do if you ___ a million pounds?
56. I’m trying to ___ money to buy a new car.
57. You’re from Liverpool, ___?
58. You ___ to study hard if you want to pass your exams.
59. I’m usually too ___ after work to go out.
60. My parents ___ married since 1985.
61. If you go to London, the Tate Modern is really worth ____.
62. I ___ home yesterday when it started raining.
63. People say English people tend ___ rather reserved.
64. Take your umbrella ___ it rains.
65. Could you ___ me a favour, please?
66. Many new houses ___ in the town where I live.
67. ___ to post that card to Pete – it’s his birthday tomorrow.
68. I don’t know many people ___ still smoke nowadays.
69. Mary went to the party ___ of her headache.
70. I think I’ve got a cold. I can’t stop ___.
71. If you don’t know the meaning of a word, you can ___ in a dictionary.
72. ___ I opened the window?
73. My doctor ___ me I should eat less meat.
74. Peter ___ me to go to the theatre with him next week.
75. Sorry, I didn’t quite ___ what you said.
76. I wish I ___ get up early every morning!
77. Jane ___ from Cambridge University with a degree in Law.
78. Hi Jenny. How’s it ___?
79. I don’t smoke now, but I ___ smoke 20 a day!
80. Paris is ___ the Eiffel Tower.
81. If I ___ earlier, I wouldn’t have been late for work.
82. Jack: "Would you like me to help you?" Sue: "No it’s OK, but thanks ___."
83. The film sounded interesting, but it ___ to be really boring.
84. This time next week I ___ on the beach on holiday!
85. One argument ___ not smoking is that you save a lot of money!
86. I have never ___ to Scotland.
87. ___ my advice!
88. I’m going to ask my bank for a ___ to redecorate the kitchen.
89. Andrew: "I’m sorry I’m late." David: "It ___!"
90. I was ___ tired last night that I fell asleep on the sofa.
91. Do you fancy ___ away for the weekend?
92. How often do you have ___?
93. What ___ me about Steve is that he’s always late!
94. By 2020 I believe we will ___ a settlement on Mars.
95. It’s difficult to ___ a living with a part-time job.
96. I haven’t got my keys. I ___ them at home.
97. As soon as I ___ this book, I’ll help you clean the car.
98. Andy ___ enjoyed backpacking in the foothills of the Himalayas.
99. Jack Reid won the award for best actor, ___ came as a surprise to many.
100. ___ from above, Niagara Falls look even more spectacular.
101. Although the job applicant was well qualified, the interviewers found her ___.
102. The taxi managed to arrive on time, ___ the traffic was very heavy.
103. The minister was forced to ___ a press conference to deny the rumours.
104. Someone’s taken my mobile! I clearly remember ___ it on the table.
105. Scientists are ___ research into creating energy from leaves.
106. Plans to build the new stadium suffered a when the major sponsor withdrew his support.
107. Travelling by train is ___ less stressful than driving.
108. If you ___ have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
109. Quite ___, I think a lot of this talk about climate change is exaggerated.
110. I wish I ___ go out this evening. I’d rather stay in and watch a film.
111. Make sure you’ve had all the necessary injections before going into the jungle, ___ you’ll risk catching tropical diseases.
112. Many companies are expected ___ out of business during the recession.
113. ___ the summer being so hot, sales of air-conditioners rose.
114. It’s time ___ the fact that he’ll never make it as a rock musician.
115. The waiter ___ us the impression that he couldn’t wait to finish his shift.
116. Kim still hasn’t got ___ to starting his essay.
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