Solstice 2017 Lacunarüm Workshop Form
Thank you for your interest in sharing an arts talk or workshop at the Om Reunion Project's Solstice Gathering =]
First, we'd like to share with you these important guidelines that apply to all members (yes, that means you):

~Solstice is a LEAVE NO TRACE event where members are expected to pack out what they pack in.
~Respect the land. Respect yourself. Respect others. Respect the local laws and customs.
~NO glass!

Information for those wishing to lead a workshop or talk at Lacunarüm:
~ Should be arts focused, expressive and (no bee keeping or generic yoga classes, thanks).
~ We have a diverse community and strive to create an inclusive, anti-oppressive, safer space.
~ Lacunarüm is an open space, for creating and sharing, it should remain so during workshops.
~ Talks and workshops are limited to between 20 minute and 2-hour time slots.
~ There is no access to power at the Art Temple.

Artist expression is a powerful force within our community!
It awakens our innermost dreams and invites others to explore our realities. It opens up conversations and deepens the bond between us and all of life.

Some examples of speaker and workshop topics we are looking to include: creativity and the spiritual, creativity in the everyday, finding your expressive “tools”, artistic sustainability, honing your creativity and inspiration, political arts, language through expression, poetry writing, spoken word, life drawing classes, etc.

We welcome and encourage workshops, talks etc hosted by folks from marginalized communities.
This is a call out to people of all walks of life!

Deadline for submissions: June 4th!

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