Holy Apostles Come Back Survey
Please take this short survey to help us plan the next phase of our worshiping life together. This information is vital for allowing us to restart in-person worship. See the Rector's Note for a complete explanation.
1. Please choose the answers that describe your ability to attend in-person worship service once we are allowed to do so. Check all that apply.
Follow up on Option D: The best time / day for a mid-week evening service is:
2. Would you be willing to try an outdoor service?
Clear selection
Follow up on Option B: When is the best time / day for an outdoor service?
3. If you do not feel comfortable coming back right away, what other ways can we help you stay connected to the community? Check all that apply.
4. Facemasks are an important part of our plan for re-entry.
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5. During the stay at home order, have you engaged in online worship with Holy Apostles? How? Check all that apply.
6. Do you have a preference for viewing online worship videos?
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7. If you have not been able to participate in our internet worship services but would like to do so, we want to help make that happen. What has prevented you from participating? Check all that apply.
8. As we transition to both in-person & live-streamed services, we will need to invest in some more technology. Would you be willing to make an additional donation to the church to enable us to continue and expand our online worship capability?
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9. What other needs or concerns do you have? What are we missing? How can we help?
Name of Survey Taker -- especially if this survey has identified ways we can serve you better, please let us know who you are!
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