This survey is launched as a continuation of the EL*C Brief Report on Lesbian* Lives in (parts of) Europe Focus Topics: Discrimination and Health and the research conducted by Kika Fumero and Marta F. Herraiz, entitled: “¿Cómo somos las mujeres lesbianas?” or ‘How are we as Lesbians?”.

Our chief goal with this survey is to gather data directly from lesbians* based in Europe and Central Asia. On the one hand, the questions asked in this survey will help grasp lesbians*’ experiences in different regions and on different aspects, such as: violence, health, discrimination, decision-making & political participation, visibility, and family. On the other hand, some questions will inform on the extent of lesbian*-led initiatives per region and on the expectations participants would have for a European & Central Asian Lesbian* Network.

Filling out the survey will only take 7 minutes! Thank you in advance for taking the time and for your valued contribution!

We will share the survey results & conclusions once the data has been processed. These conclusions will be shared via the email address you provide. Furthermore, the survey results will be shared publicly at the European Lesbian* Conference taking place in Kyiv, Ukraine between April 12-14, 2019!

Fun fact for survey participants: We have 2 tickets for the next EL*C in Kyiv (12 - 14 April 2019) to be drawn among survey participants providing their answers were sent in by December 31st. Please take it as a gesture of appreciation for your time.

If you have any questions or comments about the survey, please email:


Thank you very much for your cooperation!


The EL*C is committed to pushing for an inclusive approach. At the same time, the word “lesbian”, is put forward to promote the use of the term to counter the still remaining vast political and cultural struggle for lesbian* visibility, empowerment and representation. Yet, it is acknowledged that, as with any category or label, the use of the term
‘lesbian*’ may be contested or not comprehensive enough to describe the diversity within the community. Anyone who considers themselves to have a connection to the word ‘lesbian*’ is invited to take part in the EL*C and its movement. The asterisk (*) next to “lesbian” was therefore chosen to encourage a broad range of people to join in the fight for social equality for lesbians*.

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