Minecraft - Virtual Recess Registration Form (Collins Elementary)
10 students (4th & 5th graders) will join the ACF Minecraft server and hang out with friends. The sessions are on Wednesday from 3pm to 4pm. One round of virtual recess consist of 4 sessions. The current round is from January 27th to February 7th. It will continue to the end of May. To accommodate more students, we will not accept returning students. Please feel free to reach out contact@applied-computing.org for more questions.

Round 1. January 27th. - February 17th
Round 2. February 24th - March 17th
Round 3. March 24th - April 14th
Round 4. April 21st - April 28th
Round 5. May 5th - My 26th

Welcome! What is the participating student's name? *
Please let us know the participating student's grade. *
Please provide parents' email address. *
Please provide a back up contact information. Student's email is preferred.
ACF is considering environmentally friendly Minecraft club. Something like "Build the earth (https://buildtheearth.net)" Would you be interested? Please share what you like to build in the Minecraft.
Please share what you think we should know for us to work better with your child. Thank you!
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