Art in the Park - Alexandria, MN 2019 Food Vendor Application
Summer 2019 is just around the corner…and so is the 44th annual Art in the Park! We are excited you are interested in being a food vendor for this wonderful event. Please read everything very carefully before submitting your application.

MENU SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT: Please be prepared to type up your menu or email it to

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Event Venue and Dates
Venue: City Park, County Road 42 North, Alexandria, MN
Nestled along the tree-shaded shores of Lake Agnes and Lake Henry

Hours: Saturday, July 28 - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, July 29 - 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Every effort will be made to place returning vendors in their requested location, but occasionally this is not possible, so no guarantee can be given.

This is an outdoor wind, rain or shine event. Be prepared for all types of weather, including heat and sunlight.

Booth Particulars
Booth spaces are placed around the venue and spaces are not transferable. Vendors must provide their own means of display. The event hosts live entertainment throughout the venue.

PLEASE NOTE: Ice will not be available for purchase from Alexandria Area Arts this year.

Coffee, lemonade and smoothies are limited, please include this in your application if you wish to sell these items. All vendors are allowed to sell water and soda.
Space Rental $275.00
Late Fee (After June 1) $50.00
Insufficient Funds (NSF Check Fee) $35.00
If you must drop out of the show for any reason, please inform us, in writing, of your cancellation AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Cancellations after July 1, 2019, may impact your participation in future years.
Application Details
Applications must be submitted no later than midnight, April 30, 2019. Applications will be accepted until the event is filled, but please apply by the deadline for the best chance of getting a space. After the show’s concession slots are filled, a waiting list will be established. Late applications will be evaluated by the jury for acceptance onto the waiting list. Cancellations will be filled by the first approved concession vendor on the list. Notice of acceptance/rejection will be sent out by the middle of May.
Jury Process
Art in the Park makes every effort to be a high-quality, high-sales event. To ensure high standards for our vendors and guests, a panel of qualified jurors will silently and independently judge application on quality of product and variety. Our jury is a confidential selection process and we will not provide feedback to vendors.

During the event, committee members have the authority to request that any items deemed inconsistent with the menu submitted be removed. Vendors not in compliance will not be allowed to participate in future years. The committee’s judgement is final.

Attach with your application a list of the food items you wish to serve, prioritizing first, second and third choices. Given a high amount of applications with similar menu items, we may not be able to accommodate all first choices - in an effort to ensure high sales by all vendors. The more unique and original your menu, the more likely it will be considered and approved. We require an exact list of food items, and only those items listed and approved may be sold. Failure to comply may result in your being asked to remove items, or in some instances, to leave the show with no refund. Art in the Park prides itself on balancing food vendors with similar menu items to best allow all food vendors to be successful.
Tax & Insurance Info
All vendors are responsible for collecting the appropriate sales taxes during the event. Following the event, all vendors’ names will be submitted, as required, to the state tax office. All vendors are required by law to have a Minnesota Tax Permit. For more information, call the Minnesota State Tax Department at 1-800-657-3777. Food vendors are requried to carry their own insurance, including liability coverage. Please email a copy of your insurance to
Art in the Park does not guarantee electrical outlets to food vendors. Vendors must bring their own generator if power is needed. There are limited electrical options within the park, but usage of these options is given first to vendors who choose to return from previous years and who have (in most cases) provided the funds to have electrical outlets installed.
All food vendors must supply and be responsible for their own garbage and recycling cans. These areas must be policed on a regular basis to keep the park clean. Please break down your boxes and take to the dumpster by the rest rooms, and do not fill the event trash receptacles with your booth refuse . Small individual packages of salt, sugar, paper covered straws, etc., are not allowed due to wind. If vendors do not adhere to the garbage policy, or if it is necessary for Art in the Park staff to clean up your debris, you will be assessed a $100 cleanup charge, and future participation at Art in the Park may be in jeopardy.
Other Details
We ask all food vendors to set up Food Booths on Friday before 12 noon. Because of your size, we cannot get your trailers/vehicles in once the art vendors start setting up. If unable, let us know and alternative arrangements can be made. Parking for vendors is available on top of the hill in the park. There will be no security available. Food booths, tables, etc., may be left up over night at your own discretion.
PLEASE NOTE: Ice will not be available for purchase from Alexandria Area Arts this year.
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