Little Barton, Hartland, Devon: Summer 2022 Yoga and Ayurvedic Retreat with Annie Beatty, Iyengar Yoga teacher since 1995
This retreat will allow you to explore the basic principles of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, and our yoga practice.  A little inspiration to bring into your daily life practices from a deep subject.

Through these principles, we explore;

Five gross elements (pancha mahabhutas)
earth (prthvi), water (ap), fire (tejas), air (vayu), ether (akasa)  

Five subtle elements (tanmatras)
smell (gandha), taste (rasa),  form (rupa),  touch (sparsa),  sound (sabda)

Asana practice physically builds the whole system.  Focusing on how we nourish the body for its needs brings our practice to a deeper understanding of the whole system, promoting a clearer path on our yoga journey.

With over 25 years of Iyengar Yoga teaching, she has always been interested in Ayurvedic Science.  It can be a complex system, but its root starts simply.  In 2008, her teacher, Rajiv Chanchani said to study yoga you must study Ayurveda.  However, it wasn't until a lucky fortune that an Ayurvedic retreat centre opened near her home.  It was there, at The Clover Mill, in 2014 when Ayurveda really began to take some form.  She trained in Ayurvedic massage with Sunita Passi from TriDosha, studied with Annie MacIntyre who has written 20 books on the subject and worked for three years with Julie Dent who set up The Clover Mill.

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The Magical Hartland Peninsular
The magic of the Hartland peninsular has called me back several times.  I first fell in love with the farm, Little Barton, Hartland, many years ago and promised myself that I would organise a Yoga holiday there.  
Eventually, over 10 years ago, I took a lovely group of women and children and we created so many special memories through yoga and friendship.
I am so happy to be returning to this magical part of the world and look forward to welcoming you for learning through our Yoga practices.

To find out more about the accommodation and Hartland, go to: 

Finding Bliss
Friday 1st July to Friday 8th July

5.30pm: onwards, Arrive
6.30pm: Supper
8pm: Talk on Yoga and Ayurveda
9pm-9.30pm:  Evening Pranayama

7.30am-8am: Morning Pranayama
11am-2pm: Morning Asana
2.15pm: Lunch
8pm: Film
9pm-9.30pm: Evening Pranayama

7.30am-8am: Morning Pranayama
8.15am: Light breakfast
9am-11am: Asana, developing your own practice
11.15am: Cake and refreshments
4pm-5pm: Restorative sequence
6.30pm: Supper

Monday to Thursday (excluding Wednesday afternoon)
Twice daily yoga classes;
7.30am to 9.30am
3.30pm to 6pm
Your Details
Shared accommodation,  £500 (£450 when paid in full by 1st June)
Individual room, £600 (£550 when paid in full by 1st June)
Yoga only, £175 (£150 when paid in full by 1st June) (add food for £70 for the week)

Shared room, £220 (£190 when paid in full by 1st June)
Own room, £250 (£220 when paid in full by 1st June)
Yoga only, £90 (£70 when paid in full by 1st June) (add food for £30)

Two delicious vegetarian, Ayurvedic inspired meals per day

Beautiful accommodation in shared or individual rooms

Opportunity to book an Ayurvedic massage between 12pm and 2.30pm

Wonderful scenery and amazing beaches

Friendship, Fun and Exploration

Camping is available 2.4 miles away.  The campsite is really lovely and £20 for two people per night. £10/person extra 

Experience of Iyengar Yoga
Medical issues
All food is vegetarian and inspired by Ayurvedic practices.  Please note any allergies or extreme dislikes.
Please state your preference for accommodation.  Shared rooms are with one other person.
Clear selection
Thank you for your booking.  Please spread the word so that we can head off to Devon with a good group of eager students.  
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