California Community Colleges Broadband Connectivity Equipment Grant
A mini-grant of $50,000 is being offered to provide each college financial assistance with the funding of equipment that may be needed to facilitate the upgrades involved with connecting the CENIC network to the college network. For example: If the CENIC circuits to the college are upgraded to 10 Gb and a firewall upgrade is needed, this grant could be requested to assist the college in funding the upgrading of it's firewall to 10 Gb.

CENIC routers Do Not Apply
It is important to note that the router connected to the CENIC circuit is already paid for by the central office and is managed by CENIC. Therefore, the funding of routers that fall under this category need not be requested as part of the mini-grant process. Once the circuit is ordered, CENIC will engineer, build and ship the router to the college location for circuit connectivity. No procurement is needed by the college for these routers.

Before applying for this grant, college personnel are encouraged to contact the CCC Technology Center Project Manager, Mike Tuccillo at

Mike will be available to provide information including a general time frame of when the CENIC circuit connectivity will occur and what type of upgrade the college location qualifies. This is to help facilitate the college with needed information in order to make the best use of the grant funds.

Release of Funds
Funds will be contingent upon completion of installation and operation of equipment. The College CTO will be required to verify in writing that the equipment purchased is operating to facilitate the upgraded connectivity to the college.

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