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Use this form to apply for the Marine Biology & Oceanography simulation. This is NOT the form to apply for the class. Simulation seats are limited, so you must apply and be accepted before registering.

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Brigantine tall ships were favored by the British and pirates in the 1700's.
Simulation Details (what is included, and what isn't)
This is an on-ship experience with the LA Maritime Institute at San Pedro, California for 24 students and 6 chaperones who will stay on a brigantine tall ship for four nights and three days). Gas and all food for that Mon-Fri trip is included (except food while traveling).

NOT INCLUDED with the Simulation:
Food while traveling to and from California is not included: those meals are 2 lunches, 1 dinner, and any travel snacks. Also not included are the vehicles and trailer to drive to California. If you have a large van or trailer you'd be willing to lend to us, please mention that down below. The Marine Biology and Oceanography class is NOT included with this price and must be applied for separately. Please apply here:
We'll be staying on one of these brigantine tall ships!
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I have a large vehicle or trailer that I'd be willing to lend for the drive to California (no worries if you don't, we already have one of the two we need promised, just looking for another and a trailer) *
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Students from the 2014 simulation
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Adding student's email grants us permission to use it. Email will only be used for class information and an invitation for Google Hangouts (student must be able to use Google Hangouts). Note: Student will be invited to join a Google Chat with the rest of his/her Crew. Please ask or comment in the last box of this form with any concerns/questions if needed.
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I understand that I will have to pay $300 in order to reserve each student's spot on the ship, and that payment is due upon acceptance or I will make payment arrangements with the Class Coordinator. *
I am interested in chaperoning on the ship (no pressure, these spots are easy to fill)
For the on-ship portion we will need 6 chaperones, and 2 of them must be men. All chaperones need to be physically able to climb a 10 foot ladder, snorkel, and kayak. They need to be able to drive a large vehicle, one of which will have a trailer. They need to be able to drive long distances and chaperone close quarters with youth ages 12-18, without getting visibly irritated. :) :) They need to be prepared to sleep on a wood bunk in a sleeping bag for 3 nights. And they need be prepared to not interfere or participate aboard ship unless asked/invited to by the official crew (on ship the crew have activities planned and the chaperones just relax on the bow until called for). Note: There will be a $200 cost for each chaperone.
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