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An entrepreneurial mindset training program

Children of Dust offers an innovative, yet comprehensive approach to developing entrepreneurial and critical thinking skill sets. Situated in a post-apocalyptic environment, students are tasked with series of challenges and scenarios to reunite with other survivors. Through the series of objectives, students are required to employ an entrepreneurial and critical mindset to advance their central player from the “dust bowl” (ground zero) through the city, and onto the furthest reaches of the world. Supplemental information is provided in a separate program kit.

Application Shortlisted candidates will be notified by (October 22nd).

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Short Response in 850 words or less, please respond to the following: Since 2000, companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Uber (to name a few) have monumentally reshaped business models, as well as our society at large. In your opinion, what are some of the positive and negative effects brought about by these changes? Along a similar line of thought, if you have a chance to change any aspect of the world, what would it be and what solutions would you employ to do so? And finally, in your own worldview, please define what success and failure means to you and how you can learn from each. *
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