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Peggy's List is a practical solution to increase the number of women appearing at communications industry events and conferences. It is created & managed by Denise Shrivell from MediaScope.

Peggy's List aims to put gender diversity in the industry's mindset by raising the visibility of women in the broader communications industry - encompassing the marketing, creative, advertising, media & technology sectors.

Recently we have extended to Peggy's List + - which highlights age diversity by recognising women over 45.

Peggy's List continues to grow and evolve & has become a useful market resource for conference organisers & trade media journalists.

To make Peggy's List work, we need some information from you. Apart from your name and role, the information you provide will not be made publicly available.

If you have any questions, contact Denise Shrivell, MediaScope on
Phone: 0424 100325

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A practical solution to increase the number of women appearing at the industry events and conferences...
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Peggy's List + - recognising age diversity
Peggy's List now extends to age diversity - where we plan to create greater awareness for another kind of diversity. If you are lucky enough to be over 45 & would like to be highlighted as part of Peggy's List + - let us know?
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