IC Studio Demand Survey
As an organization interested in supporting local artists and their ability to make work, Public Space One (PS1) is conducting this "fact-finding survey" with the hopes of better articulating the needs of artists in our community to the institutions/entities that may hold sway in manifesting reasonable and affordable studio space.
What is your zip code? *
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Do you currently have a dedicated studio space? *
How interested are you in renting private studio space? *
How do you (primarily) consider your art practice? *
What is the minimum size of studio do you need? *
Studio Characteristics/Amenities *
I wouldn't rent a studio without this
This would be nice, but I'd go without to have cheaper rent
Don't care (I would rent a studio without this amenity/characteristic)
I don't want this.
in downtown Iowa City
within 2 miles of downtown Iowa City
free parking available
window/natural light
sound proofing
additional storage
adjacent to community space (eg. gallery, art event space, other studios, etc.)
access to shared space/resources
climate controlled
If you selected access to shared space/resources as a desired amenity, please describe what space/resources you'd be interested in.
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If your preferred amenities were met, what would you be able to pay monthly for a studio space? *
What is your primary discipline? *
Anything else you'd like to add?
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