Skye's Advance Review Copy (ARC) List
šŸ’™ I write romance that is:

- F/F, F/M with 1+ queer main characters, and sometimes M/M starring a bi/pan guy
- contemporary and sci-fi
- sometimes monogamy, sometimes polyamory

šŸ‘ Some folks will enjoy every kind of story I write. Others will like a subset. That's okay!

šŸ’Œ If you sign up on this list:

- You'll get an email when I have ARCs for a new release, about 2 months before release date.
- If you request an ARC, it will be delivered to you by email.
- You'll get one reminder email on release day, since it's the first day reviews can go up on Amazon.
- That's it. (I have an author newsletter too but this list is just for ARCs.)

šŸ“š If you don't care for the story, there's no obligation to finish it. Life is too short to be trapped reading books that aren't your jam!

šŸ¦ There's no test for how many followers you have; I ask for links below only so I can get a sense for who you are, and also to weed out trolls / pirates / etc.
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