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I need a few honest 5-star reviews on my online Master Class course before I start marketing it, so I"m giving away a few copies for free ($200 value or so), if you agree to these conditions. You can also win a scholarship and/or a free phone consultation worth up to $10,000, simply by applying here.

Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology), CEO,,,,, and
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Please take the course this week and either give it an honest 5-star review, OR give me suggestions to improve it in a private email to sharon(at) If you don't feel you can rate it 5 stars please send your opinion PRIVATELY with positive feedback and suggestions to me. Please do NOT rate it unless you can honestly give it a 5-star rating. Do you agree? *
Our vision is with YOU, to inspire & empower 1,000,000,000 people to thrive, change lives and create a kinder world for all. How do you like that?
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