Tattoo Booking with Jio in BERLIN 2021
Hey there lovely human!!

This is going to be a bit long, so let's just get straight into it. 😇

Please read and fill in the form carefully.

This is for BERLIN, Germany ONLY.

Please only fill in this form if you are in Berlin or know that you can travel to Berlin with the current Covid restrictions.

I will go through every form and answer the selected people for booking the tattoo.
Because of many requests and my limited time and energy, I will not be able to answer every email and person who fills in this form, but only the ones that will resonate with me most for the tattoo project.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Please keep in mind that I don't speak german.

You can find the rates, available flash designs and more information further down below.

Alright, let's do this!! ✊

Email address *
First and Last Name *
Your Age *
Pronouns you use *
Instagram handle (if you have one)
Phone number (with country code) *
How long have you been following my work for? *
Do you already have tattoos by me? *
Will you be traveling for this? If yes, where from? *
Have we spoken before about this or other projects? If yes, when, where (email, IG, etc) and what about? *
What is your availability?
Right now, due to Covid uncertainties, I'm booking for one month at a time.
So at this time I'm booking for APRIL 2021.

Usually, I work 3 to 5 days a week between 11am and 8pm. I do work on Saturdays and occasionally on Sundays.

Let me know if you are flexible, if you work during the week, what your timetable looks like and when you would prefer to book.
As you know, I specialise in blackwork and linework, and I enjoy creating human forms and figures the most.
I'm also open to tattooing animals and pet portraits, plants, objects and abstract forms. I'm open to using another colour or two.

I prefer simplicity and focusing on just one or two main elements.

THERE ARE 2 OPTIONS for selecting/creating a design:
I create a custom design for you based on your ideas, motivation and personality.

We set up a consultation (preferably in person) to talk about the design, discuss placement on the body, size, style, etc.
Usually the consultation is the day before or on the day of the tattoo session.

There is a fixed 200€ DRAWING FEE.

IF WE MEET THE DAY BEFORE for the consultation, we agree on everything and then I prepare a sketch. On the day of the session, you come an hour or two before the actual tattoo session and if you approve of the sketch, I will take some time to finish all the details, checking in with you along the way, or make whatever changes necessary.

IF WE ONLY MEET ON THE DAY OF THE SESSION, then I book the full day for you and I ask you to do the same. We have the consultation, then I begin the drawing while you hang out in the studio or at the cafe. It usually takes me about 1 to 3 hours to have the design ready. I check in with you along the way, making sure that it's going in the right direction, and we begin whenever everything is ready. This option is good for people who are traveling.
You pick your favourite out of a set of my pre-made flash designs (find them at

There is no need for a consultation. We only meet on the day of the session.
We will choose a unique placement and size for you and make a few adjustments if necessary.

TIP! With this option, it is much easier and quicker to get booked with me as there is no design time.
What would you like? *
If you want a Pre-Made design, then which numbers/letters, in order of preference?
If you want a custom design, please describe your idea.

In a few paragraphs, describe the image that you have in mind. Please try to be as specific as you can.

Should it be a human form, an animal, a plant?
If it's a human figure, what is their body position? What are they doing? Which way are they facing?
How much of their body is showing? (just the face, the bust or full body)

What is the emotion you wish to convey with it?

It's also OK to have a very vague idea - we will find a direction during the consultation.
If it's custom, what style would you like?
Clear selection
Paste here the image links of my work (from IG or make a Dropbox/Google/WeTransfer folder) that you love most and any other images that would help me have a clearer idea of what you are looking for
My preference is to tattoo arms and legs as my designs seem to fit and work best with those areas.
I love spreading lines along these areas and work with the curves of the body. I also love making chest pieces.

It is more challenging to tattoo ribs, belly, hands, back & buttocks as the skin in these areas doesn’t allow for the best results with linework. If you really want one of these areas, please be aware that the lines may not heal as sharply.

If you’re not sure yet where you want the tattoo and are open for suggestions, you can write more than one possible placement and we can discuss the best option together.
Where on the body would you like this tattoo? *
Skin Type
Please let me know your skin colour (light, medium, dark, very dark) and if you have any scars or prominent birth marks in the area you want tattooed.
All of this is important for my consideration of making the right design for you.

I always prefer to go bigger rather than smaller.

It is important to consider the ageing of a tattoo.
The more detail it has, the bigger it has to be, because the lines tend to spread and merge together over time.

This means that if you want a small tattoo, it will have to be simple and minimalistic.
If you want a very chaotic tattoo, made of many lines, it will have to be at least 15-20cm long (6-8 inches).
What length (longest side)? *
In Berlin my rate is 300EUR per hour of tattooing.
With the minimum being 300EUR, no matter how small the tattoo.

I offer a 20% discount to returning clients (people who have been tattooed by me).
If your tattoo is less than two years old, I offer one free touch up. If it's older than that, then the price is 50EUR per hour.

The total time will depend on factors like size, detail, complexity of the design, body placement.

See the examples below to have an idea of how much time my tattoos take.
Examples of 1 - 2hour tattoos
Examples of 2h - 4hour tattoos
Examples of 4h - 7hour tattoos
Examples of 9h - 10hour tattoos
Arm sleeves, leg sleeves, chest pieces, etc. can take 2 to 6 sessions/days to complete.
Most people can handle 4-5 hours of tattooing per day. Some can handle 7-10 hours per day.

With my style, there is no need to wait for healing time to continue to work, so we can book sessions back to back and finish a project within a week or a month.

I'm happy to give a discounted price for a project that requires several sessions.
What is your budget?
Please ensure that the hourly rate is 300€.
Your budget *
What is your experience with getting tattooed? *
Does the area that you want tattooed have any other tattoos around? If yes, please specify size, style, age. *
Once I approve your project, I will ask you to secure your appointment with a non-refundable deposit (200EUR) via PayPal.

If you choose a custom design, this deposit will go towards the drawing fee.
If you choose the pre-made flash option, the deposit will be deducted from the final tattoo price.

The booking will not be final until the deposit is paid.
While we are negotiating dates, I will reserve a date for you for a maximum of one week.
I understand that in order to book a tattoo I have to pay a non-refundable deposit of 200€ *
Any other questions, thoughts or appreciations you want to share?
Thank you!
Thank you so much for putting in the time to read through and fill in this form!
It's quite a lot but makes my life so much easier! 😊

I will review it and will get back to you if the project is approved or if I have any further questions.

Wishing you all the best and hopefully see you soon!

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