Central Ohio Youth for Christ - Theology Survey
Although the following is not a test, it is a tool to help us determine your positions and beliefs in several spiritual areas. We use this questionnaire (and other things) to assess and place volunteers or staff, because it helps us to identify any potential areas of conflict and disagreement that might arise among adults from different Christian traditions. As followers of Jesus Christ in His Church, we want to “contend as one man for the sake of the gospel” (Phil. 1:27).

Because we work with adolescents with varying degrees of mental capacity and spiritual maturity, we do not wish to confuse them by exposing them to the full variety of Christian thought too early in their spiritual journey. Therefore, it is important that mature Christians demonstrate humility and strive for unity with regard to non-­­essential issues. This is imperative during the early stages of evangelism and follow-­­up when open dissent and controversy among the teachers will only give the seeking adolescent reasons to reject the Gospel.

We recognize that disagreements in priorities can arise between mature Christians. As a non-­­denominational ministry we appreciate the diversity of Christian thought, and want to encourage open dialogue about our differences. However, this should be done with the following spirit: "in the essentials unity, in the non-­­essentials liberty, and in all things charity". It is our hope that this questionnaire will allow us, and you, to identify any disagreements and determine if we can strive for unity in the spirit of humility and charity for the sake of the Gospel and advancing the Kingdom. If, however, dearly held beliefs, principles, and priorities are so divergent that tolerance for the sake of unity in mission cannot be attained, then in the interest of reaching un-­­churched teens it may be best to minister independently.

We have added the option “don’t know” to each question for you to circle if you are not sure in your own mind of the correct answer. Use this answer to indicate concerning the issue in question either: that you have not been taught, or researched yourself, but are willing to learn (not as an excuse to fill out the survey quicker).

Take as much time as you need to complete the questionnaire. Please select the answer that most accurately reflects your beliefs (not those you think are held at COYFC). Please indicate any question(s) you want to be sure to discuss in person by making a note for that question. Use the open spaces to add thoughts, concerns, justifications, questions or relevant Bible passages that comes to mind. Finally, this is not a long project - please alot for yourself 15-20 minutes to complete this.

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