Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP) - Boston
Event Week:
July 29 - August 2 OR August 5 - 9

Contact us at

Applications Due: May 1, 2019

Eligibility Requirements:
- High school sophomore, junior or senior;
- Member of a minority group;
- Strong academics, motivation, leadership and interest in accounting and business;
- GPA of 3.0 or higher although students with a minimum of 2.5 can be considered as a special exception.

- High school transcript;
- Letter of reference from guidance counselor, teacher, or a community leader who is not a relative;
- Parental Consent.

**Please note: In order to be considered for the ACAP program, you must provide all attachments and answer all questions on the application form. If you are unable to complete all questions in one sitting, you may save your responses as long as you complete all questions with an * and click submit. After you click submit, you will receive a link that you must save in order to return to the application at a later time. All edits will be accepted up to the deadline of May 1.

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Program Dates: Please identify which session you can attend. The ACAP Administrator will assign you to a session. *
Please list your extracurricular activities and school/community/religious clubs or organizations. Include any officer positions held and honors/awards received.
What are your college and career intentions?
Please write a brief statement (50 words or less) about why you should be considered for the Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP) and how you think it will benefit you.
If you have any work experience, please tell us where you have worked and describe your responsibilities.
Will you use public transportation to commute to Boston? (Costs will be covered for use of public transportation to ACAP.) *
If yes, what type of transportation?
Please state what MBTA station you will be leaving from (ex: Bus - Route 89; Subway - Orange Line; Commuter Rail - Needham Line, Zone 1). Please visit to view the MBTA map.
I have participated in the ACAP Boston program in the past: *
If yes, what year?
I have participated in the UMass Amherst C.A.M.P. program in the past: *
If yes, what year?
How did you hear about the ACAP program?
You will receive a T-Shirt for participating in the program. Please provide your size. *
Please upload a reference letter from a guidance counselor, teacher or community leader who is not related to you.
Please upload a copy of your high school transcript.
You must have parental consent in order to participate. Please check the box below if your parent/guardian consents that you may attend ACAP. A written consent form will be distributed for actual signature if accepted to the ACAP 2019 program.
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