MLOps Community Feedback 2022
5 minutes! give us the raw uncut truth! Help Me, Help You
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Slack Name if you dont want to be anon. there may be some questions i want to follow up with you on but dont know who you are!
How satisfied are you with the MLOps community? *
Not very
Very much
How relevant and helpful do you think it is for your job? *
What are your key take aways from this community?
Where do you interact with the community? (check all that apply)
What more would you like to see from the community?
Least favorite part about the community?
Are you more or less active in the community now than before? Why?
Podcast Feedback
Do you listen to the MLOps community podcast?
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If not, why?
If yes, what was your favorite episode?
How satisfied are you with the meetup/coffee session content?
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What could we do better with the content we put out? Podcasts, Blogs, Meetings, etc
What other guests would you like to see. (dont say Andrew Ng I've already tried and he ghosts me, Chip doesn't respond!)
Biggest complaint about the podcasts?
Meetup Feedback
What other topics would you like to see talked about in the meetups and podcasts?
Would you like to see more tooling deep-dive workshops?
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If yes, which tools?
Website stuff
Have you seen our tooling compare page?
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If yes, was it helpful?
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What would you change about it?
What other sections would you add?
What is the best part about it?
Do you want to be more engaged in the community? We set up a job board with stuff we need help with. If you want to contribute more reach out to Vishnu and Demetrios or drop your email below
Anything else?
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