Memorial Day Mayhem Officials Sign-up!
Officials sign-up for the Memorial Day Mayhem junior roller derby event, hosted by the Chick Whips of Topeka, KS.

NOTICE - As of May 29, the majority of the referee positions have been scheduled to those who signed up early. Please consider signing up for NSO positions at this point. Any referee position requests at this point are not guaranteed.

All officials should be on premises at least 30 minutes before their bouts are to begin. Thanks!

Dates: May 27 - 29, 2017
Saturday, starting at 5:30 PM ending by 10:30 PM (3 bouts)
Sunday, starting at 8 AM ending by 10 PM (7 bouts)
Monday, starting at 8 AM ending by 6 PM (5 bouts)
Location: Sk8away, 815 SW Fairlawn Rd, Topeka, KS 66606

Evaluations will be available upon request - just let me know. If so, please bring your form with your personal information already filled in and I'll fill in my part and submit to the JRDA.

THR: el Pea (Rick Steele)
THNSO: Brawlin' Barbie (Jessie Cummings)

Staffing selections and invites will begin going out by May 10th, 2017. Applications received by this date will receive primary consideration. This will be a Round Robin-style event, guaranteeing three sanctioned games per team. This the link for the event -

There are some fabulous teams traveling many many miles to participate so we need to provide THE BEST officiating possible during the event. Let's make it memorable for everyone!

Participating Teams:
SDG Butcher Babes - Greeley, Colorado
Chick Whips - Topeka, Kansas
Gotham Girls Junior Derby - Brooklyn, New York
Philly Roller Derby Juniors - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Rolling Rebellion - Lewisville, Texas
Sirens of Savannah - Savannah, Georgia
SoDak Attack - Sioux Falls, South Dakota
TXJRD - Austin, Texas
JUST ADDED! - Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks - Denver, Colorado

Hope to see you soon!

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