Youtube release, vocal editing, mix, artwork
Do you want to release one of our songs as an artist on Youtube or a cover song? You record and the vocals in a studio or home studio and send us in high quality for editing and mix. You will also provide with a high quality artist photo for artwork in a Youtube picture video. We will provide with the instrumental background and lyrics for our songs and the artist will arrange with the instrumental background in mp3 format for a cover song.

The registration is binding and the cost will be transferred to the company Ylva och Linda Persson Handelsbolag.

Please email your questions to

Available songs from Ylva & Linda:

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Conditions for release
1. We reserve the rights to decide what artists and songs to cooperate with.
2. We have the exlusive rights to publish the song on our Youtube channel and the artist can also publish on his/her channel.
3. Order confirmation will be sent by email when booking is done. Invoice will be sent from company Ylva och Linda Handelsbolag when order confirmation is confirmed.
4. We only offer Ylva & Linda songs in original key and original production.
5. We need the vocal files in high quality, preferrably in WAV, MONO, 24 bit, 44.1 khz to be able to deliver a good result.
6. The cost for the song release will only cover our job with editing, mixing and artwork.
7. We will publish the song 1-2 weeks after the vocal tracks and photo image are delivered. Limited offers according to our time schedule.
8. We do not accept the artist to do other releases of the song without extra cost and agreement.
9. We keep the full rights to our songs and will not offer any royalties or sales to the artist for the release.
10. If the artist decides to not release the song after implemented editing, mix and artwork we will add and extra cost of EUR 50 to the original price.
11. We do not sell songs or rights exclusively and we do not act as a label signing artists.
12. It is free to use the instrumental version for private use and for performances in public/private but the original may not be published.
13. When the song is released it is important that the composers are always credited and tagged when promoted on social media and other media
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