ARTic Expedition 2021: Art Registration & Placement Info
On Presidents' Day weekend in February, Art Community Builders (the nonprofit organization that organizes FreezerBurn) will host ARTic Expedition, a drive-through event on Valkyrie Ranch in Paige, Texas. We are putting out an open call for artists who would like to show large-scale pieces. Please use this form to express interest.

Take a moment to review our safety and staffing protocol here:
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**Safety protocols for this event strongly discourage artists from staying with their art.** Any art staffing at the event will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Board, based on specific maintenance needs such as flame effects. Volunteers may be able to check on specific pieces occasionally, but you should not rely on this service. Art for this event should be mostly self-sufficient and not require frequent human intervention.
Will your art require attention or supervision after install? *
Is it limited by time of day or weather conditions? *
What kind/how much power will your art require? Will it be lit? *
Will you need help to power or light your piece?
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Will you need help to transport your piece?
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How long will it take to install? *
What outside resources will you need for installation? *
Does it include flame effects? *
If yes, what kind of flame effects?
What are your physical safety protocols related to art installation and operation? *
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Final Comments: Is there anything else we need to know? Or are there ways we can help? Do you have any questions or concerns for us?
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