EWRAP 2019
About the Program
The Ethan Wolfe Recreational Assistance Program provides individuals with CHARGE syndrome the opportunity to participate in recreational activities. This program is need-based and funded through a generous gift from the Wolfe family and friends. During Ethan Wolfe’s 12 years, his life was enriched by an adaptive bike, special recreational camps, swimming lessons, music class and so much more. David & Jody Wolfe, together with the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, wish to honor Ethan’s memory by providing other individuals with CHARGE with similar, fun activities and equipment.

Examples of recreational items which would qualify (will be open to other suggestions):
• Adaptive recreational equipment not covered by insurance (examples: bike, swing)
• Adaptive sporting activities/teams (examples: baseball, soccer, gymnastics, swimming)
• Specialized camp (examples: summer camp for blind, deaf, special recreation)
• Special recreation programs (examples: community outings, science class, music class)

Contact information for questions regarding your application:
Phone #: 800-442-7604

Application deadline: April 1, 2019

• Must have a diagnosis of CHARGE syndrome
• Must be a current member of the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation
• Meets the maximum family adjusted gross income of $100,000 or less
• Must attach first page of your most recent federal income tax return
• Must include a short paragraph explaining the reason the applicant would benefit from the assistance (can also include a recent photo of the applicant)
• Must include a picture of the item requested or a photocopy from a brochure of the activity/course description from the service provider

If assistance is awarded:
• Must be willing to be included in the CHARGE Foundation newsletters, presentations, and publications with a picture of the applicant participating in the recreational activity and provide a description of how the activity has enriched the applicant’s quality of life.
• If equipment is awarded, must be willing to donate any equipment which is outgrown or not needed any longer to another family or charity.

Approval Process
• All applications will be subject to committee approval.
• Committee will notify all applicants of approval or denial by May 1, 2019.
• Committee will work directly with the company/provider to pay for the recreational item.
• All personal information will be kept confidential by committee.
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