St. Ann Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Registration Form
Registration requirements
• Candidates are expected to have been baptized, completed first grade catechism either in PREP or Catholic school, and are enrolled for this year in second grade

• Copy of Baptismal Certificate is needed (if not baptized at St. Ann Church)

• $75/candidate; $130/two or more children with check payable to “St. Ann Parish”

• The Sacrament is a parish event, not just a school or PREP event so the registration fee is not included in the PREP or school tuition. One check may be written to include PREP Tuition and the sacramental fee.

New! Payments can also be made via our Parish Giving.

Visit Parish giving site
click on PAYNOW (top right)
type in St. Ann (under organization) - they can also put in our zip code
select St. Ann's Church Wilmington de (when selections popup)
Select category (Religious Ed)
Select applicable fees (1st Eucharist, Confirmation, PREP, PreSchool, Adult Ed)
Email address *
Child’s name - First and Last *
Date and Place of Birth *
Candidate’s school *
Grade for 2019-2020 *
Home Address *
Name and Address of Baptismal Church if not baptized at St Ann Church – copy of baptismal certificate required *
Mother’s Name *
Mother’s Maiden Name *
Mother’s phone number *
Mother’s Email *
Mother’s Religion *
Father’s Name (First and Last) *
Father’s phone number *
Father's Email *
Father’s Religion *
As the primary educators of children in the faith, parents’ support shown in participating in the orientation, attending Mass together as a family, overseeing independent assignments and making Confirmation preparation activities a priority over athletics, extracurricular events and trips are crucial to the success of this preparation. If you are unable to make this commitment, this may not be the best time to enroll your child in the program. *
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