Symbols, Secrets, Silences: A Poetry/Art Workshop
Conducted By: Marylyn Tan
Date: 24 Jul, 3–5pm
Admission: $25 including materials and exhibition tour

This workshop works with existing canons or traditions of women protecting themselves and each other with knowledge passed on to each other, and invites participants to partake in this process by creating texts that are both visual and linguistic which serve to empower them.

The first half of the workshop will entail a brief history of some of these symbols and practices of care in both mythology and real-life events. The second half engages participants in creating their own works, inspired by their own cultural context, history and mythos.

Preparation: Materials will be provided. However, participants may wish to bring other materials to work with. These may include paint, chalk, glitter glue, markers, etc. Participants to think of one incident in their life which was empowering or taught them something that eventually helped to protect them.
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