Extraordinary Education DROP Form 2018-19
- Please complete ONE FORM PER CLASS to be dropped.
- Switching from one class to another is considered a "drop".
- Please ADD classes via the Online Shopping Cart in your ClassJuggler account.

NOTE: Students are considered enrolled in a class and will be charged for enrollment until a class withdrawal is requested via the ONLINE DROP FORM. The ONLINE DROP FORM is the only method that will be honored for dropping classes. Verbal and email requests and handwritten notes will not be honored.

ALSO NOTE: If this drop will impact your child's enrollment in Lunch/Chapel, Library, or EXCEED, please note any changes on this request. We will NOT automatically drop or change any enrollments that are not specifically requested.

ADDITIONALLY: Students are considered FULLY ENROLLED as of the August tuition due date and treated as such for withdrawal purposes. Enrollment is considered a commitment to take a class. Even though the class has not yet met, the teacher has already provided services to you in the form of lesson planning and securing materials, and made plans based on your child's enrollment. In addition, the Registrar and EE office staff have also provided services and have spent a significant amount of time meeting with you and handling your account. Drop penalties will apply just as they would if you were dropping from any private school at this point in the year. Students who drop during the month of August will be billed for August, and other normal drop penalties will apply.
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Class to be dropped: *
Please list the class NAME, DAY and TIME. Remember: If this drop will impact your child's enrollment in Lunch/Chapel, Library, or EXCEED, please note that here as well.
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Reason for dropping this class: *
Please list the REASON for withdrawal.
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Is this drop due to an issue with another student, the teacher or the curriculum? (Curriculum may refer to the textbook, the class format, the difficulty of assignments, or any other issue related to the way the class is taught.) *
EE Policy: It is expected that issues such as problems with other students in the class, problems with the teacher or dissatisfaction with the curriculum will be discussed with the teacher and an administrator prior to dropping a class. In addition, a change in the teacher for a class is not considered an extenuating circumstance.
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