SEAS Commitment to Service Sign Up 2019-20
Please answer all the question for ONLY the events/committees you are interested in. If you are not interested leave it blank and click "next " to move on. The chairperson will be in contact with you (mid-late September) to confirm your status on the event/committee. Scroll through the entire document to see all the offerings. Viewing the SEAS CTS Catalog,which is enclosed in your summer mailing packet before completing this may help you better understand the requirements and expectations of each event/committee.

**Nursery requires only 10 hours or $100
** Pre-K 3 day requires only 15 hours or $150
** Pre-K 5 day - 8th grade requires 30 hours or $300

Required hours based on your OLDEST child’s grade

********If you are using a mobile device to complete this form please scroll over (left and right) to make sure all questions and options are visible to you.*****
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