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We normally ask that full members provide evidence that they fulfil one of the following criteria. Please check all those that apply. We will ask you to email your evidence to oxfordshiretheatremakers@gmail.com - if you do not do this, we cannot consider you for membership. *
Please provide a short outline of your theatre career to date, up to around 100 words. If you do not fulfil any of the criteria in the last question but would still like to be considered for full membership, now is the time to tell us why (in another 100 words). *
OTM relies significantly on member engagement. We ask all of our members to consider what they might be able to offer either the organisation or other members in terms of skills and time. This is not a commitment and will not affect your full membership application, but we are looking to build an idea of what skills our members have that we can draw on to make OTM a sustainable and effective organisation. Please briefly outline what you might be able to offer below. *
We require all of our members to subscribe our mission, core beliefs and values. These are on the front page of our website, www.oxfordshiretheatremakers.com. Please check this box to confirm that you subscribe to these. *
We curate a directory of full members which is accessible to other full members in order to easily find collaborators. It is sorted by theatrical discipline and includes members' name, email address and website (optional). Please indicate whether or not you would like your details included in the directory. *
If you would like the be included in the directory, please indicate which roles you would like to be listed under. Please check all that apply.
Please check to confirm that you will send us your evidence for fulfilment of one of our membership criteria or that you have provided other reasons for consideration in question 6. *
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