Acute Care Questionnaire
Thank you for contacting Healing Way Homeopathy for Acute Care. To register for an Acute Care consultation, please submit this form. Please submit a SEPARATE questionnaire for each person you are requesting care for. Once your form is submitted I will review your case notes and contact you via phone to provide you with the suggested remedy information. I will respond to your request within 24 hours. IF YOUR REQUEST REQUIRES MORE URGENT ATTENTION, PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM AND LEAVE A VOICEMAIL AT 920-740-5048.

Acute Care Fee Schedule
Base Consultation Fees include the questionnaire and communication to gather information and provide instruction. Base fees also include 3 days of follow-up to help assess remedy action and provide support. In the event an acute lasts longer than three days additional fees may apply (see below)

Monday-Thursday until 5pm:
$35 Base Consultation Fee Monday-Thursday after 5pm: $45 Base Consultation Fee

Weekend (Friday 5pm-Sunday) or Holiday: $55 Base Consultation Fee

$15 Per remedy vial obtained through consulting with Healing Way Homeopathy. *Remedies only available through HWH during Regular Business Hours. Remedies also available locally at Vitamin Shop, Free Market and Natural Healthy Concepts.

Additional Fees
$15 for each additional assessment needed past the initial 3 days.

Note: by submitting this form you are requesting acute consulting to be provided and fees will be applied. If you are interested in scheduling a FREE 15-Minutes Informational Phone Call to get your questions answered about my practice you can do that at:

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Acute Questions
Please describe the main concern *
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What symptoms are present?
Pain, chills, fever, sweat, dry, thirst, heat, appetite? Please be specific and detailed
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Modalities: What makes the symptoms better or worse?
Cold or heat? Covering or uncovering? Indoors or outdoors? Eating/drinking? Please be specific and detailed.
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What symptoms are the most bothersome? *
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What is the worse thing about this for you? How is it affecting you? *
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What has happened in the days leading up to the concern? *
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How has this affected your a) mood b) sleep c) energy d) life in general?
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What is the most outstanding emotion present during this?
Irritability, weepiness, anger, apathy
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