Remote Working - Resources Saved
Many of us have been remote working since the lockdown, some for the first time, others have been for a while.

I would like to find out people's experience of remote working and if they are no longer commuting, how much resources (time and money) they have saved.

Some companies want employees to go back full time to the office while others may be more open to home office.
I am asking as many people as possible to complete the survey and I will share the results online.
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Do you enjoy working from home? *
Did you work from home before COVID19? *
Are you more productive working from home ? *
What activities are you doing more of now that you work from home? *
Please name the other activity if yours was not above
Will you continue these same activities when the restrictions end? *
If you are working from home now, how much time do you save a day by not commuting ? *
What city do you commute to? *
How much money on travel do you usually spend a month when commuting? *
How much do you spend on lunches/coffees a week when working at the office? *
Would you like to go back to the office? *
If you answered yes flexibility to the above, how many times do you want to go into the office? (eg once a week, once a month)
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