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Circles is a long term approach to reaching economic stability. Each week, local families that are ready, willing, and able to thrive (Circle Leaders) meet with community volunteers (Allies) over dinner. During these meetings, Circle Leaders work on their goals toward economic stability and growth. Over time, incomes improve, debt and public assistance decrease, and supportive relationships are built. For more information, visit

Circle Allies builds an intentional friendship with a Circle Leader based on respect and trust. Two Allies are matched with each Leader to support the Leader in his/her journey to meet their goals for economic stability. An Ally is in for the long‐haul – the relationship lasts for 18 months. Allies have a unique opportunity to work closely with a family and build meaningful relationships across class lines.

The Role of an Ally
 Be an intentional friend and accountability partner
 Offer emotional support when needed
 Help their Circle Leader evaluate and clarify goals, developing manageable steps
 Share life experiences and if asked, give advice
 Meets at least twice a month on Tuesday nights at Circle meetings

An Effective Ally Has:
 A listening ear
 Knowledge of basic family finances
 Respects the role of the Circle Leader as the center and driver of this process

Allies Commit To:
 Complete Ally training
 Attend at least two Circles meetings each month for the entirety of your commitment to Circles
 Pass a background check
 Spend 4-6 hours a month communicating with their Circle Leader outside of Circle meetings

Circles RVA Supports Allies with:
 Orientation sessions and Ally training
 Availability of a Circles Coach, a trained professional
 Collaboration with other Allies, Leaders and volunteers
 Resource Teams who have information about outside resources that may be needed to broaden the
knowledge base and social networks of the Circle

To apply to become a Circle Ally:
1. Complete this electronic application.
2. Submit a background check (no cost to you) here:
3. A representative from Circles RVA will contact you after you submit a completed application to schedule a phone call or meeting.

For more information, email Kristin at or call 1-888-447-2782.
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