Identify Potential SOS Sites
Thanks for helping to catalogue underutilized public and private land throughout the City as potential sites for Safe Organized Spaces.
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Which street is the site located on? *
Between which two cross streets? *
Is there a visible street address? *
If yes, record the exact address below. If no, record the closest visible address. *
What else is on the block? *
If you selected school(s) or business(es) of the options above, provide the name(s).
Is there an existing fence or barrier around this location? *
Provide a rough size dimension in ft of the site (i.e. 30ft x 20ft)
How many individual shelters (5x8x8) is the site optimal for? *
Do you know someone who lives or works within 1-5 blocks who might be interested in learning more or potentially advocating for a transitional village at this site (including yourself)? Please provide their contact information below.
Do you see signage for property owner? If so, please record the information here (phone number, name, etc.)
Is it city-owned or privately-owned?
Please upload 1-2 photos of the site (see example below of a site that would be ideal for 1-3 individual shelters plus amenities) *
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